Take the headache out of running your salon business. 

Transform your Salon with the most Advanced Point-of-Sale System on the market.


Multi-location support for all your salons. Reward your customers with our built-in loyalty programs. Issuance and redemptions are done automatically. Fully integrated with our POS system. Print your own cards or have our sales team do it for you.

PAYROLL – Done in Minutes

Payroll calculation is a quick 10 minute process for any size salon. Robust reporting providing multiple views of your business. Calculate quickly and accurately the technician split percentages. Set different price levels for technicians based on skill level & experience.


Informative UI to track which customer is next. 2 separate waiting lists for multi-service salons. Avoid confusion with our first come first served queue system. Request a specific technician or “Next Available”. Easily check in customers with any selected technician. Project your waiting list to a TV or 2nd monitor display.


Send out marketing campaigns using built-in email or SMS/Test Messaging or Push Notifications modules.


No more walking back and forth to the main POS system. Now you have an integrated mobile solution in the palm of your hands. Take appointments with your iPad. Ring up customers directly from your seat. Unlimited iPad connections for your salon.


Copying and re-scheduling is a breeze. Make  a single appointment for multiple technicians. Retrieve customer information with our integrated caller ID module. Automatically send email reminders. Easy check in from the Main Dashboard. Print daily, weekly, or monthly appointment schedules for technicians.


Automatically track which technician goes next.  Choose from 4 different methods of turn management. Handle turn order instantly, effortlessly, and fairly. Manage technician service count and total. Implement a queue management system unique to your salon.


An integrated reporting system that provides numerous reports on sales and payroll data. We supply all the reports you need to run your business smoothly.


We provide Online Reporting and Online Appointments.  As a manager, you can view all your online sales and payroll reports anywhere and at anytime.  As a technician, you can make and view all your online appointments.
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iPad Solution

Are you tired of walking back
and forth to the main POS system?
We offer fully integrated mobile tablet solution in the palm of your hands. Take appointments with your iPad, or ring up customers directly from your seat.

Windows Tablet Solution

We now offer fully functional windows tablet workstations.  Have 100% of the power of a normal workstation in the palm of your hands. Every function of the POS is now available on the windows tablets.


Online Reporting

All the POS reports you have in your system are now available online as well. Run reports anytime and anywhere. We also provide an online dashboard so you and see all your critical store metrics quickly and easily.

Online Appointments

Your customers and technicians can view
and make appointments all online.  With our easy to use online appointments, customers now have the power to pick and choose which technicians they prefer for their appointments.Technicians can also see all their customer appointments as well.


Salon Central screenshots