You need access to payment processing solutions when you are on-the-go. We enable you to accept customer payment through wireless credit card terminals, smart phones, cell phones and PDA’s.

Using Ultra ePay’s mobile payment solutions will open new business possibilities for you. With our mobile credit card processing, you will be able to identify new locations and times to take your business closer to your target market, and thus attract more clients. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of paying with a credit card and see you as a savvy company that stays current with the newest payment trends.

Mobile Merchant Accounts with Ultra ePay:

  • Easy, same-day set up
  • Safe, compliant, and low-cost “swiped” transactions
  • No more writing down numbers on scrap paper
  • Top-rated Technical Support Help Desk

Processing with Mobile Phones

Avoid carrying a wireless terminal by using your iPhone, Blackberry or Android PDA’s to process transactions. You will benefit from:

  • The most cost effective method to process remotely
  • An optional card reader that ensures the best possible rates.

Contact us today. One of our experienced account representatives will help you choose the option that best fits your needs.

Processing with Terminals

Free Terminal

When you set up a wireless merchant account, we provide you a state-of-the-art wireless credit card terminal absolutely FREE. Start “swiping” credit cards today at the lowest possible discount rate and take advantage of:

  • Acceptance of all major credit/debit cards
  • Quick credit and debit card authorizations on the reliable GPRS wireless network
  • “Store and Forward” capability, allowing you to “swipe” transactions in areas with poor coverage, and then process later

Our mobile merchants love these payment products:

  • Mcommerce Solutions

  • Merchant Cash Advance

  • Gift/Loyalty Cards